Grace is a filmmaker who wants to tell impactful stories that touch hearts. Stories that instil moral values and inspire hope, stories that leave lasting and indelible memories. She challenges herself to write diversified movie genres, gain exposure through research and creating new stories.




As a producer, Grace handles the production budget, logistics, and administrative matter to ensure that the entire production runs smoothly. She has excellent working relationship with her crew, in making them feel comfortable working with her and the team.


As a director, Grace oversees the vision of the film she is making. She thinks and plans ahead on the direction of the film, and the message of the story. Grace works closely with the actors to make sure they understand their characters and to bring out their best performance possible.


As a cinematographer (director of photography), Grace has the necessary technical skills and keen eyes that are assets for any movie production. She is able to design lighting and camera plans for most scenes, thus enhancing the quality of movies. Grace is comfortable handling camera, lighting and gripping.