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B. A Lady

B. A Lady is a studio drama that I produced at Humber College. This is the first experience working with my peers in a big crew of over 30 people. Studio Dramas at Humber College is where 8 scripts will be chosen to be filmed. The productions are a two and a half day shoot, back to back.

We had to build the set from scratch. The various departments would come together and discuss the plan with the director and I as the producer. The art department did a phenomenal job making the set come to life in the given short time frame of 24 hours.

I was privileged to have one of the best crew, where everyone were committed and diligent in playing their respective roles. I couldn’t have asked for a better crew. Having a team that respected the schedule made my job easier and everything was accomplished on time.

Before producing B. A Lady, I wasn’t sure I wanted to be a producer, but I took on the role anyway. Producing B. A Lady has made me realize that I’m good at planning and organizing.

I think a producer should always take the initiative and know the different needs of the various departments such as the sound team, camera team, lighting team, and the art team.

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